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Tuition & Fees


The cost of K-12th grade tuition at GlenHaven Academy is $4,000 per year.  This breaks down to $400 per month for one student for ten months. Any additional students in the family are discounted (see below).

K-1st grade is also offered in half days (8:00 am -12:00 pm) for $2,800 annually

Family Discounts:

   1st Child     2nd Child   3rd Child +

$4,000         $3,000         $2,500


Registration - $50 per student

Re-enrollment Fee - $35 per student.

Curriculum Fee - $35 Monthly.  Payment is due the 15th of each month.  A monthly statement will be sent home.

Failed PACE fee - $10

Convention (for students 13 years by December 31 and older) – event tuition, motel fee, performance outfit, and any individual event cost.

Testing - Standardized Tests (Grades 4-12) - $35.00 per student.  

Field Trips – Some field trips require spending money.  A message will be sent home prior to the outing stating the amount.

School Pictures – Parents are to select the plan and pay the portrait studio.


3. TOTAL ANNUAL COST (without any discount):

            Child 1: $4,385 Child 2: $3,385 Child 3+: $2,835



One tuition discount per family.

Early Pay Discount: Families choosing to pay full tuition by July 31 can receive a 5% discount per family total on tuition.  Families that pay ½ tuition by July 31 and the other ½ by Jan 31, of current year can receive a 3% discount per family total on tuition.

GlenHaven Member Discount: Families with active membership within GlenHaven Church receive a 20% Tuition discount on total family invoice.    


Families are expected to make payments in a timely manner according to their payment plan.  For any account that falls two months in arrears, the student may not attend school until the account is settled or satisfactory arrangements have been made.  This policy is strictly enforced.  All fees from the previous school year must be paid before finalizing the enrollment for the next year. (Exceptional circumstances should be immediately told to principal).


Monthly statements will be sent out beginning the first week of August and ending in the first week of May (10 months).  The tuition may be paid annually or monthly.  Payments must be in cash or check. Tuition is due by the 15th of each month.  If a temporary situation arises and payment becomes an issue, please talk to the supervisor or the pastor. Delinquent accounts must be taken care of or the student may not be allowed back to class until the account is current.

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